Thai chilli basil chicken

So it’s another shameful “pimp my newest link” posts, but I don’t care. I just cooked this, and it was FANTASTIC.


This is thai basil. It’s NOT the same as italian (normal) basil. The distinction is very important. The thai variety is has a purple tinge and has an aniseed edge to it.

My favourite thai restaurant ever, will probably always be the long defunct Camden Jumbo Thai restaurant. Once you got over the urge to eat nothing but their crispy Szechuan beef for the rest of your life, you realised that the dish they called “Pad Kualopa” was a dead set winner… it was a “just” a thai chilli and basil chicken dish, but wow – perfection much?

Since then, i’ve realised that I will probably NEVER find, or work out how to make, the szechuan properly. Nor will I visit a thai restaurant in Sydney who does the chilli/basil combo justice.

But I had a stab at this recipe tonight, and it’s very, very close. With a bit of tweaking*, I reckon it’ll tick off one more entry on my cooking-bucket-list…. and it actually gives me a glimmer of hope that one day ill find that goddamn szechuan recipe!

* mine ended up a bit too saucy, so probably needs a bit less soy and oyster sauce, and I went wimpy on the chillis…

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