I love love love love sushi. But generally, someone else makes it… But I had a bit of time, and found some decent looking sashimi grade salmon, and thought “why not?”.


This is a photo of my second attempt… i’m pretty proud of it.

So attempt 1 ended up like this:


It tasted great. The cutting of the fish is of utmost importance, and I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing…. and basically, still don’t. It’s really obvious why the Japanese Sushi chef’s train for years and years.

The rice, also massively important for decent sushi, turned out great – thanks to this youtube video.

I don’t have a big bamboo bowl (Hangiri) like in the video above, but I found that my big cast iron bowl did a decent enough job – it’s roughly the right shape at least.

A few weeks later, I had another go… this time, I also managed to find some sashimi tuna (my favourite) as well.


Much more care (if not any actual idea) in the fish butchery, and a few more ideas – the little rolls, and the “dragon roll” topped with finely sliced avocado. Oh, and it tasted awesome… again!

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