Yanagi ba sashimi hocho

(literally: Willow blade raw fish knife)

Ebay sells swords!


Or… Knife? Errr, no…. Nope. That’s definitely a sword.

Actually, it’s a Japanese sashimi knife. Specially designed to chop raw fish into lovely edible pieces.


Shut your face, it’s definitely a sword. Forged specifically for the cleaving of fish from…. other fish?

The point is: Only one side of it is ground at an angle – the back is completely, shinily, flat.

(photo of back here)

Oh… I see…


It’s very, very sharp. Normal knives have a 15 degree angle on both sides – this only has half that angle.


Great for cutting slabs of sashimi grade tuna and salmon into usable pieces – beautiful pieces with very flat, very smooth sides, and sharp defined corners and edges.

(because of the very smooth, very flat back-side of the knife.)


Combined with a few prepared ingredients…


… and a tad of finishing.


Yay swords!

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