I work from home, and live a LONG way from decent coffee. Which is (most of) the reason I make my own, from scratch – Roasting, grinding, tamping, pouring – the lot. It’s great!

Most of the credit must go to Coffeeshobs – I really wouldn’t be doing what i’m doing without the aid of the ridiculous amount of information hidden away in the deep dark recesses of the forums – and it’s also where I currently buy green beans from!


This is my current roasting setup. Known affectionately as a “Coretto” to the members of the coffee snobs forums, it consists of a heat gun suspended above a bread machine, which is set on “dough” mode. The heat gun blows, the bread machine stirs, and 10-15 minutes later the beans are roasted to perfection (well… i’m getting closer every time, anyway).


Once roasted, they’re transferred to this contraption – a metal colander, in a bucket, with a vacuum cleaner hose inserted underneath. This cools the beans by drawing air across them, and stops the roasting in a matter of minutes… quite important for non-burnt-and-nasty beans.


Finally, we get to the nice and shiny (and expensive) part – my coffee machine and grinder. I justified the expense by doing a LOT of research – with a little bit of luck and a good amount of maintenance, these machines should be with me for at least 10 years. Also, the cost is offset by the fact that I save a bunch by buying green beans and roasting them using council collection second-hand hardware, and I -also- save a bunch of money by not BUYING multiple coffees from shops every day.

The grinder is Breville’s top of the range “Smart Grinder”, the BCG 800. Most of Breville’s range is next to useless for proper espresso grinding, but the 800 is a beast. It’s fine-tuneable amount selection is extremely handy.

The Coffee machine is a Rancilio Silvia V3. Rancilio are very well known for their range of professional machines, but the “Silvia” is the only model they make for domestic purposes… and it’s professional pedigree shows. Built like a stainless steel tank, even it’s switches feel industrial strength. I picked mine up for significantly less than RRP, second hand off ebay – and I truly believe that it will still be worth most of what I paid for it in 10 years, if i’m ever forced to sell it. Also, it it makes fantastic coffee.


See? Oh…. Massive crema, you say? Yes, but not for long… at this point, it looks like a mini guinness, complete with upside down bubbles


Moments later: my perfect double ristretto. True Love in a tiny double walled glass.

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